Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Fear is the biggest opposition to personal growth.  Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the past, fear of the future, fear of all that was, fear of all that is, fear of what is to come but which part of us is frightened.  Is our higher self frightened?  Absolutely not.  Well then what about our love aspect - no that is the pure soul part of our being which contains the higher wisdom. 

It is our ego, our shadow side, the darkness within, the whispers that told us we weren't good enough, that we aren't good enough, that we never will be good enough. 

But you know in whatever situation, circumstance and happenstance you may find yourself you always have a choice because the sword of power, the sword of truth and the sword of potential can always be found the in the present. 

This is where we can re-work the past, present and the future this is where we can recognize our true sacred divinity and find our ultimate peace unlocking the gates to our personal heaven. 

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Angelic Reiki - some channelled words

"This powerful form of healing modality is carried out with the assistance of spiritual and angelic influences of the highest vibrational level possible to man at this time.  We are come to help to shine the true light of love into the hearts of all mankind during this most magnificent time of tremendous change.  Seek and thy will find.  Ask and we will answer.  We are your hierarchy of support, assistance and love and we are always waiting.   Waiting for your call through the many thousands and thousands of years nay from the beginning of time we were there waiting and whatever bumps in your road, whatever guilt you may feel, whatever belief systems you have, whatever anybody has ever said to you or however you have interacted with others we will always be there.  

From our higher vibrational point of view, from the divinie love, aspect there can never be judgment, there can never be despair, there can never be sadness or hate and we urge you to follow that tiny (in some) golden light of truth present in each and everyone of you.  The more you are able to do this the brighter it will become."  

This one to one session usually takes around an hour and is carried out with the client seated or lying down.  Lisa will channel angelic energy through to the client.  Once this amazing experience has taken place Lisa will chat through and explore what has occurred explaining any insights that have taken place.

Through the modality of Angelic Reiki and working within this higher vibration (the first time for some) is often a life changing and life enhancing experience.  

Lisa also conducts Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Elemental Space Clearing and runs IAIM Baby Massage Classes, 07539 062 031,