Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Calm Reflex has turned 20 years young!

Calm Reflex has turned 20 year's young!

To celebrate this important milestone throughout November and December there will be 20 days of special offers, information, competitions and much more ........

The founder, Lisa A Burfitt, of Calm Reflex muses on her path to building her business.

"I have known all my life that I was different that I held an inner knowing, a wisdom if you will, in order to see through the falsehoods and know the truth - however it has been a bit of a tough journey through childhood with many long hours of despair.  I knew I could relate to people on a deeper level, a level they didn't understand themselves, however I reacted to this deeper level and had many challenges to live through until I could understand that they did not see it, would not see it and could not see it for themselves.  The sleepers - asleep to their soul's path not knowing the truth about who they really are.

Unfortunately my own light was dimmed as I became disillusioned and despairing as my soul knew it was my life's mission to help these people but I could not understand how I could possibly do this.  On top of this I had many physical challenges to overcome having all my senses compromised in some way - meaning I lost a lot of time off school and was labelled as stupid.

When I left school I went onto College - my premise was that I did okay at English - let's become a secretary!  Oh my goodness, challenging times ahead - I got through college and became a secretary - I hated it though I pretended it was okay and I did have some money!  

At that time my only friends were ones that I had sought through being extra nice in the hope that they would like me!  This worked to a degree but I also attracted the type of people who were after a Victim (I had a big V tattooed on my forehead).  It wasn't all doom and gloom though I did meet some nice people though they were only half awake.  

A turning point came when I was made to do Yoga - this further awakened me spiritually and my light started to shine a little brighter.  

Another turning point came when I decided I had had enough of doing something I hated and trained to become a Reflexologist - I loved it and for the first time in my life had discovered something that I had a natural talent for.  

I could literally sense the unbalanced reflex point before I had barely touched the foot!  It was after I started tai chi that I started to see the outer rim of the aura - an amazing experience - I was shopping in a supermarket and suddenly I could see a white glow around everybody and then I started to see energy forms literally flying around catching glimpses of faces.  

I also started to sense energy shifts in my work (where people told me that they had felt a bolt of energy go from their foot up to the area of body that I was helping), I once had cold air coming out of my hands and then I started to become aware of my empathic abilities - I would be treating a lady for a bad back and then I would literally absorb the pain myself.  

It was after quite a lot of spiritual experiences like this that I decided I needed to learn more, in particular about protection.  No book I had ever read on Reflexology mentioned the possibility of absorbing other people's pains however this was happening to me.  

I therefore trained in Reiki part 1 and this explained some things to me about what was happening however I decided that Reiki was not for me and completed an aura energy course and chakra balancing course - I had always been interested in working with the chakras through my many years of yoga practice.  I started to incorporate this healing into my work and found that I could work with the energy in order to help my clients - literally drawing out their pain and, unlike before, I could now be aware of their pain but not absorb it as I was learning to protect my energy.  I also gained awareness of spiritual support while working.

I was also working on releasing my own blockages and limitations.  At around this time I got married and started a family and decided that baby massage would be a fantastic way to incorporate motherhood and my business so I trained and became an IAIM Instructor.  I also had another pivotol point in my career when I started to look around for a room to hire in order to build my business further and found the healing sanctuary that is the Birmingham Holistic Health Centre, at last I had found some people who were awake, were part of my tribe and understood me - it was massive for me.  I started a mediumship course (which I still attend) and made friends with some more awake people, who like me, were having similar experiences.  I also did a shamanic workshop exploring my shamanic side.  I went on to do my training in elemental space clearing which I finished a month ago and understand how energy can impact a space working with spirit guides to help clear dense energy and incorporate new energy, I went onto develop Sacred Divinity Sprays as I had been producing flower essences through the Space Clearing course and I discovered that it is possible to channel a certain essence say peace into the spray and have started to tailor-make these for people just by linking in with their soul and working with my spirit guides we can determine the perfect spray for them.  I absolutely love my work.

My passions, my hopes and my dreams are to build a bigger and better business helping to shine my light onto other's lives enhancing them and assisting them to find answers to their many challenges as they walk along this path of life - helping to release their many limitations so that they can spread their wings and fly.  

Earth with her density is still a beautiful planet and we need to be able to feel, touch, sense and know in order to move forwards into a golden age of love, happiness and joy."

Calm Reflex offers Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Baby Massage Classes and sells tailor-made Sacred Divinity Sprays.  Additionally in 2018 will be offering Elemental Space Clearing please call 07539 062 031,
or for more information.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Oh why, oh why, oh why! My thoughts on why mums should be celebrated!

Go on put your hands up if you have kids.  Yep - a few more at the back.  And who feels guilty that they are secretly looking forward to them going back to school/nursery.  I bet it is the majority.  It is not that we don't love our kids cos of course we do it is just that intensity the constant "mum can I have ......." our reply of "yes in a minute" and their reply of "mum but I really need" our reply of "yes in a minute just give me a minute" but of course they don't understand "in a minute" and are suddenly desparate right this second - so you stop what you are doing for the thousandth time and get them the thing they have asked for wondering if you are ever going to be able to finish whatever you desparately need to be getting done - insert work project/blog/housework here.  Then when they finally are occupied in something and you give yourself a pat on the back for finishing what it is that you have been needing done you look around at a literal bomb site.  Eventually if you are lucky and the gods are on your side you manage to get your little helpers to help you tidy up the mess they have just made through cries of "but she made the mess so I am only tidying up this little bit" and your reply of "please just help tidy up we are all tidying here" or even an exasperated cry of "I know for sure I didn't make any of the mess and yet I am the one tidying up here!"  Sound familiar?  And then the other half comes back from work and the house is only just passable with the question of "mmmm what have you been doing all day and is my dinner ready?" or if you are very lucky maybe a "gosh you have clearly been hard at work looking after our kids, is there anything I can do to help?  Would you like a nice drink?  Would you like a sit down?" Then when we finally get our little angels to bed for what can be the tenth time and sit down for the first time all day we can often find ourselves snoozing in front of the tv wondering "what if?". 

But what if it could be different, just imagine if our little angels respected our "in a minute" and really did leave us to do what we needed to do and what if they really did tidy up after themselves and as they went along and didn't argue about who tidies up but just get on and do it.  And what if your partner really did understand all the hard work you have been doing and actually helps you out?  Are these things too much out of our reality, is it really too much to ask?  I don't think so and maybe reward charts can be used here to help persuade your little angels to be a little bit more patient.  Maybe if we reward their patience we will get more of the same. 

Maybe if we can learn to relax ourselves by enjoying a pampering session of Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Swedish massage or even some deep breathing, visualisation techniques, meditations - there are loads around.  By relaxing ourselves our children will be calmer and possibly less intense and more likely to be patient. 

"Nooooooooooo I haven't got time for any of that" I hear you say but all it need take is 15 minutes or a few minutes here and there - deep relaxation techniques can even be done during breast feeding.  Additionally baby massage can really help mum and baby relax and as the one mirrors the other this can be a very special quiet time for mum as much as for baby well needed in those precious early months.  I always say to mums "you can't give from an empty cup" when you are worn out because of give, give, giving it is not just you who will suffer so you owe it to your family and more importantly you owe it to yourself to be kind to you to be your own super hero, your own cheerleader, your own knight in shining armour especially when we have kids to allow that special time for you.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Let me tell you a story about how Reflexology helped my client

My client contacted me requesting an urgent appointment, I checked my diary and visited her.  She had been in pain with her back all day long.  The pain had got so bad that she had visited her local A & E where she had been prescribed some medication and sent home.

I arrived to find her on the sofa.  I went through a full Case History with her and spent a lot of time focusing my massage on her back reflex point but also worked on her feet generally.  Within minutes of working on her feet she said that the pain in her back had started to ease and I noticed her becoming more and more relaxed.

At the end of the hour she was able to move freely and was so excited by this she became quite emotional and gave me a great big hug.

She then went onto explain that she had been unable to move from the spot where she currently was for many hours since returning from the A & E.

I was so pleased I was able to help this particular client and I love being able to share my healing gift with others, I firmly believe that we are all on our own healing journey.

Reflexology is a specialized form of foot massage with ancient origins.  It has been brought bang up-to-date for the 21st Century with my own unique healing twist.

It can take more than one session to obtain good results and often the apparently simple complaints can turn out to be the most complicated.  I often use affirmations to consolidate the work and it must be noted that Reflexology is not a quick fix but is more of a way of helping my clients take control of their health and wellbeing as I act as a facilitator for change.

To find out more and check out the most recent special offer please visit my website, e-mail:, call 07539 062 031 or book direct at