Sunday, 22 January 2017

Let me tell you a story about how Reflexology helped my client

My client contacted me requesting an urgent appointment, I checked my diary and visited her.  She had been in pain with her back all day long.  The pain had got so bad that she had visited her local A & E where she had been prescribed some medication and sent home.

I arrived to find her on the sofa.  I went through a full Case History with her and spent a lot of time focusing my massage on her back reflex point but also worked on her feet generally.  Within minutes of working on her feet she said that the pain in her back had started to ease and I noticed her becoming more and more relaxed.

At the end of the hour she was able to move freely and was so excited by this she became quite emotional and gave me a great big hug.

She then went onto explain that she had been unable to move from the spot where she currently was for many hours since returning from the A & E.

I was so pleased I was able to help this particular client and I love being able to share my healing gift with others, I firmly believe that we are all on our own healing journey.

Reflexology is a specialized form of foot massage with ancient origins.  It has been brought bang up-to-date for the 21st Century with my own unique healing twist.

It can take more than one session to obtain good results and often the apparently simple complaints can turn out to be the most complicated.  I often use affirmations to consolidate the work and it must be noted that Reflexology is not a quick fix but is more of a way of helping my clients take control of their health and wellbeing as I act as a facilitator for change.

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